7 Alternative Search Engines to Google

Nowadays Google is the most important search engine in our global world and it is the undisputed leader of the web. In January 2012, looking at the web traffic of seoMoz, Compete, Nielson-Net, Alexa and Karma Snack’s Snackfolio, web traffic was divided as follow:

  • Google 85.75%
  • Yahoo 5.42%
  • Baidu 4.67%
  • Bing 2.11%
  • Ask.com 0.56%
  • Altri 0.49%

Although in Italian language the alternative search engines are not very relevant we are starting to analyze this alternatives.




Its mission:

Provide a differentiated editorial voice in search.

Blekko is interesting and strong for this following points:

  • Quality vs quantity
  • Based on contents and not on link
  • Free from Spam
  • Based on users
  • Open and sheer

We can show you an Italian article to explain better Blekko operations and important aspects. Shortly we can say that Blekko is an instrument very simple and fast. Blekko has three tasks: search engine, social network and an instrument for seo analysis.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go


A declared feature:

We don’t track or buddle you!

To understand better this feature we can say that “Duck Duck go” is a search engine that pay attention to our privacy. DuckDuckGo is a small search engine which doesn’t collect data searches and in this way it permit to preserve our privacy during internet search.




Ask is on the market from several time but it has not affected people.




Bing is the second “actor” on the stage. After its fusion with Yahoo it is traying to close the gap against the number one.




It is a peace of history and it still alive. Nowadays he has a fair number of followers. Now we have to check the consequences of its union with Bing.




It is the most used search engine in China. We have to consider that Chinese people are many… Baidu search engine is the largest Chinese language search engine all over the world. On the big China population background, it is sure for you to understand that Baidu search engine is the right internet media to reach your big hopeful consumers who visit website every day.

Baidu SEO is considered to be greatly useful for those companies who wants reach Chinese market and set up their business in Chinese environment successfully. In fact, they can obtain much greater success because the localized homepage can get more traffic from other countries which also have Chinese popularities such as some south Asian countries. Therefore, it is considered that Baidu SEO will take you a fruitful business result in the huge China market.



It is the first Russian search engine. We can define it a real “colossus”, in fact it has 64% of market shares. Here you can find different articles about this matter.

Which one of these search engines is the most promising?

The search engines analyzed are very different each other, in fact everyone has its characteristics, everyone has its market, but we can conclude with an important and interesting question: Does exist a search engine as an alternative to Google? Probably it is impossible to answer in a short term but we can imagine the faraway future.

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