Analytics User Timings: the trackTiming function coming soon

This morning as usual monitoring Analytics page speed reports I see a small change, but after checking it I saw it empty.

User Timings

I start searching to this new report to make it work in the changelog and inside this guide.

Inside the guide it’s possible to see:

Setup for User Timings

You’ll need to insert JavaScript (i.e. calls to the trackTiming function) to the code on your site for you want timings.  For information on trackTiming and how to call it, refer to Google Code.

But inside the google code instructions the function trackTiming seems to not exist.

What to do so :)

I asked on google+ to 2 Google Analytics Expert (Marco and Sean) and it looks like a “work in progress” asking for more info to John Mueller.

Know we must only wait for an answer here here or here.

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