Facebook and the new algorithm: Words are important!

Fall of the reach of 10% or 90%?
How the new algorithm of Facebook influences the reach.

It is true and by now it is consolidated that the fall of visibility is a fact. The problem is that Lars Backstorm (News Feed Manager of Facebook) has declared during an interview to @All Things Digital that these recent changes should cause an oscillation of 10% less of visibility. Unfortunately, according to an analysis made by @Edge Rank Cheker on some important pages, this fall would result in some cases even of 90%.

Facebook Algo

It would be almost a bug. But besides waiting and seeing what happens you can take some measures and make some considerations.

The first consideration we can make is that undoubtedly Facebook wants to induce towards a use almost spasmodic and not under control of Facebook ads. This is not something you can complain about too much, anyway we are all guests of a platform every year more used also in the marketing field. Maybe do you advertise gratis at the stadium? Rather than in TV? Or more on newspapers? Let us see it in a positive way under this viewpoint.

The second consideration is that some pages are counter to tendency, it means that the fall it is not so evident, or even they are better. This is pointed out also in the article of Dario Ciracì when he touches the question of the Facebook page “Paesaggi d’Abruzzo”. But why? According to me for what is happening on the latest days, we must agree with what is stated in the post of EdgeRank Checker, that is to say: Our advise is to hold your breath and wait, we expect these numbers to increase”.

Let us use the right words
Give people what they expect.

The third thing we must consider, according to me, is the real meaning of “the quality of posts and their contents”. There is a certain constancy on the fact that the main fall concerns the large pages and that we have as main topics nothing clear, sharp, precise and almost of niche. In fact the pages which deal with niche arguments, precise and almost with single arguments using the best words and the posts with links can get an advantage. But how? In my opinion it is a question of words used in the posts.

We must give people what they talk about!

A page dealing with handball, a niche argument, will have among its funs all volley players who at the weekend place their pictures in their personal profiles and deal with the subject during the week. That means that the word handball will be fundamental in the posts of above said page (https://www.facebook.com/lovepallamano?ref=stream). The use of the right words in posts and, here the quality is, could be also a way to induce more on updating that at the moment has not led much success, that is to say the introducing of hashtags on Facebook.

By now we know that the links to meme as grumpy cat, philosoraptor, overlay attached girlfriend, don’t work as before, but the links with external contents deriving from a blog assume more importance compared to the past, so if you have a strategy of content marketing the situation should not worsen much. The greatest problem would rise for those who use mainly, or almost exclusively, photos. At this point our strategy to understand which are the topics our fan love more of our page. How can we do that? Using a couple of tactical instruments: Facebook Insights and Worlde. (http://www.wordle.net).

The first step to be made is to shift insight data to a level of post in a quite recent period. Once you download your file, open the excel and go in the area dealing with “key metrics” and look at “Lifetime post reach by People who like your page” with “Lifetime People who have liked your page and engaged your post”. At this point make an additional column “Lifetime engagement rate of People who have liked your page” which should be the ratio between the second and the first in percentage. Now select the tops 30 of this last column created and put them in order form the highest to the lowest. Then open another internet page, no chrome, and go on Wordle.net pasting in the text the words of posts of the top 30 which you had just ordered… and that is it.

John Haydon gives us also a video for the use of this tip.

Of corse we cannot know if the Facebook algorithm identify exactly the words and assumes the mas basic and fundamental to show to the user our posts (and if it makes that if it makes it with the method here described). The certain thing is that the engagement shall be something of gained, which cannot prescind from publishing things that our fans like.

What do you thing about? “Right words” means visibility then engagement, or “right words” means engagement then visibility?

I think that anyway words are important.

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