Dear @Google I think something is broken in your post-Zoo World

We are now entering into a new age; The “Age of Animals” or maybe “The Age of Beasts”.

Yes the “Age of Beasts” this is probably the favourable label that can be used to identify the latest rollout of algorithmic changes announced by Google. I have written previous posts outlining my concerns and today I am expressing my disappointment, I feel alarmed, with certain, if not most serps and wish to outline my concerns not from an opportunistic point of view but from a person who is passionate about this subject matter.

What I visualise is a disaster waiting to happen and these are but a few of the issue I have encountered:

• There are bad map association which can be viewed here (I think it should be easy to fix)
• There are going to be issues with brand name/s, mentions and exact match domains (I’m working on a test to prove this, but this will take some time)
• Legitimate sources have disappeared from serps (as the viagra case)
• Parked domain (as you can see in the following image) and empty website ranked first

google penguin broken

Matt Cutts calling for Help

Google is aware of the Penguin’s imperfection and Matt Cutts asking for help here to report some SPAMMY website that the Penguin forgot and here for wrongly penguin-hitten websites.

The problem is that the process is not transparent and there is no way to know where and when your report will be reviewed.

The Penguin is broken, but not only!

Probably Google (maps) is broken and they know. Probably the Penguin is another way to “Colpirne uno per educarne cento”, but for sure this can’t be the “Anti Spam Algorithmic Improvement” [link].

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