Google Issue – Synonyms (incorrect result) & Reliability (or poor ethics)

Strange Google Lack of Knowledge

This morning querying Google I found something strange going on and you can see the fact in the above screenshot.

Problem #1 (Incorrect result)

For those who are not familiar with italian language I’m going to explain what’s happening. Since some weeks ago Google started highlighting synonims in serps for the keywords we’ve searched for, but in this case I think that there is a huge error in the results shown.

The Wikipedia results highlight a word that is in the same semantic area of “Posizionamento”, but it’s not a synonims and it’s absolutely not what is intended to find using the query “Posizionamento dei siti internet”. Google here is telling us that “Make a website rank on a search engine” is the same as “Indexing a website by the search engine”.

Everybody in the SEO world knows that this isn’t true at all: “Indexing a website != Make a webiste rank high” 

Someone in my post on Google+ about this issue mentioned “Semantic”, but I think that up to know Google is only using it’s incredibly big amount of data to associate terms and it can be proven by the fact that this difference has been for years (and still is) a great weapon in the hands of “Unetichal SEO” here in Italy.

Problem #2 (Unethical AdWords Ads)

The 2nd issue arise with the AdWords box.

The first result says: “Seo garantito 100%…” that in english is “Guaranteed SEO 100%…”.

The 3rd result says: “…1° Pagina in 1 Giorno” that in english is “…1st page in 1 day”.

Now let’s take a look here in the official Google SEO guide:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Webmaster Tools Help

Now the question is:

“If someone pay using your Advertise system then He can guarantee #1 ranking?”

I think that such a kind of AdWords headline or description should be disallowed to advertisers if you (Google) believe that this behavior is Unethical.

What do you think about these 2 issues? Let me know in the comments.

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