Google Knowledge Graph epic fail: the Stachanov and Berlusconi situation

stakanov epic fail

Yesterday morning my attention was catched by a really strange case from Martino on Google+.

Searching the key “Stakanov” on a really weird Knowledge Graph appears.

As the primary image associated with the historic miners in the Sovietic Union Google extrapolate the result coming from a “Joking Post” from a blog post on subdomain with the title “Il ritorno di Stachanov”. The image is the following!

And looks like someone we know in the world of italian politics.

stachanov knowledge graph

For non-italian people the picture above is related to “Renato Brunetta” so check the differences 😀

For further confirmation I also checked the key “Stachanov” which is used in the box:


It would be interesting and curious to understand why he chose that image so let’s see what it says image search:

stakanov epic fail 2

A case study that could be interesting maybe analyzing a large number of cases of people associated with Knowledge Graph and a case that shows us once again that the information provided by Google are not so reliable as the semantics is still far.

I try to find an answer: “Among the images that he believes related the one selected is the one that is closest to the quality and type of a photo id cause it is the one with characteristics as close to a real profile picture.”

Chapter 2 – SIlvio Berlusconi and Noemi Letizia

After I posted this case in Italian Boris in Google+ pointed me to this – So weird!

berlusconi noemi letizia

All the World know our super Latin Lover Silvio, and probably here Semantic works 😀 but I think that Noemi Letizia and the related Knowledge Graph is a little bit strange.

Looking at Google image here the result doesn’t confirm the hypothesis of the first image cause you can see which is the first image of Berlusconi appearing for that search below:


Here I believe tha the for Berlusconi Google already has a set of Profile Picture image for Silvio Berlusconi and if you look deeper you can see some similarities between the Brunetta/Stakanov pics and the Berlusconi one.

Both are half-length pics.


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