Rich Snippet: has arrived in SERP

We have often talked about from the end of 2011 till today and this time we talk about it with a glimmer of hope… even if partially. We talked about Schema and Rich Snippet, obviously, even during the VI Convegno gt showing some particular cases where there was evident and complete absence of recognition by the Rich Snippet testing tool, but something was happening as I had perceived and said just during my intervention at the meeting.

Well it is ok! I got it.

The nice Massimo Scalese, of Orologi di Classe, just the day before yesterday pointed out one of this little conquest (as he says thank to the teacher):

Rich Snippet Review

Rich Snippet Review

Even if this result was already active for those who used Microformats or Data Vocabulary now it is officially working also with

As you can see for example even on this site there are still about the simplest breadcrumbs, but I believe we will not take long but I think also that this site will take us also to Italy soon with the rollout of authors in serp.

Conclusions on Rich Snippet and Schema

At last It is served on a silver plate (maybe also white gold) an extraordinary recipe for who loves the semantic markup even if as I have already said in a previous post, Google catches everything, but badly.

The repetition of no historical phenomena but of SERP and data which are not of quality. Try to do some research to realize at least for what concerns the rich snippet review. It seems to me that Google is not yet ready to stem an incorrect use of the semantic markup giving in this way large potential for those who will try a border line strategy abusing of Schema, Microformats or Data Vocabulary.

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