SEO Memory: an interactive timeline of Google updates and events

seo memory

SearchBrain today announced on its blog the launch of very useful tool to keep track of all the Google updates and events. Xmas has come and here is a present with this tool, that was pre-launched during the Convegno GT one week ago.

SEO Memory is a minimal tool, but fully functionale and complete to never forget important SEO events.

But take a look here…and read what one of the creator has to say about the tool (Enrico Altavilla):

Enrico AltavillaSEO Memory has born because it was becoming difficult to follow all the updates and technical news by Google. Remembering that a Google algorithm has been updated during a vague time frame is not enough, you really need to know the exact date of the event in order to understand if there is a correlation between its introduction and the traffic/visibility of a website.


So we basically put all the main updates of the last two years in a fancy and easy-to-use UI and SEO Memory was born. We also added links to articles related to the events, so that you can easily find all the details about each of them.


The tool has proven to be really useful during SEO analyses and we thought that it could have been a good idea to share it with others.

Below we embeded the tool to show you a fast preview, but you can visit the official page of SEO Memory to have a better experience.

We take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays with this gift made by Search Brain.

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