5 SEO Myths to explode

#1 – SEO is something which needs some time to have results

Short term SEO

Times change and he who does not accept this misses very big chances everyday, there are cases where the results can really arrive after a long period, but it always depends on the kind of the site or sector you want to cover. It frequently, very frequently, happens that approaching a SEO proposal people always tend to bring up long times to get improvements.

It is time to wake up. If you are part of that school very probably you continue catching an interregional train from Bologna to Rome when it exists also the FRECCIAROSSA (Red Arrow).

In the past I would be worried about an analytics overview as the picture above; nowadays if you make a SEO work for a short period (even for one day only) you should be happy for that.

#2 – Performances do not influence the ranking

Performance ranking

Google has been talking about performances since 2 years. Asserting that it is not a parameter of direct impact on SERP it’s a big mistake.

From the Company page of Google:

Every millisecond counts.
Nothing is more valuable than people’s time. Google pages load quickly, thanks to slim code and carefully selected image files

You must work to maximize, to grade down and reach the perfection.

  • For the 80% of sites it is enough to work on the frontend (middle – small).
  • For the 20% of the remaining ones (middle – big) it will be necessary a more systematic tuning.

The subdivision middle small site and middle big one it is very superficial because obviously it makes no reference to all cases and it makes no reference to the levels of traffic, but to the kind of data which you must elaborate.

I deeply doubt that the most of websites can think that the true bottle-neck is systemistic. How many sites are really those considerable big in percentage?

Surely a quite lesser number than the small ones.

# 3 – SEO dies every 3×2

Seo Fresher

Go on ignoring the SEO. Let your site live on the usual routine…boredom is not for SEO.

We are fresh and shining – we exude energy from every pore.

If you still think that SEO can die reflect for a while and avoid to talk about it cause probably you understand nothing about Search Engine.

# 4 – The factors on page count for little

On Page SEO

The greatest lie in the history. On page factors are always been important in a way or another and today are more and more important.

The point #2 is a factor determined by internal factors, microdata are part of this SEO phase, you face Google Fresher from there, from Social you gain traffic thanks to your contents…and I stop cause otherwise I risk of publishing the post in a month time.

#5 – The social Balls are still margined

Social Balls

The picture is selfexplanatory.

What about you? How do you see it?

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