5 recommended services to upload multiple videos at once

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Not only YouTube for your videos. Why using only one video sharing website?

Have you ever thought to upload your videos to more platforms at once, increasing dramatically the value of those videos?

Everybody knows how long it takes to create and edit a video, including the upload process…if only once, even if there are lots of services available online.

To solve the problem, you should try one of the following 5 multi upload services that we recommend you from gtMagazine.



Uploading service for online editors, that include the most known video websites like: Dailymotion, Facebook, iTunes, LinkedIn, Veoh, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Metacafe, Flikr.

Oneload offers various subscription plan, starting from the “Free” one, to the “Enterprise”, that differ for file size and Content Policy.



Hey!Spread, like OneLoad, has similar features and supports all main video sharing websites. The full list is available at this page.

It’s a free service, that has strict limits, and infact the max file size upload is about 300 MB. This limit can be ignored cause the service includes lots of ‘exclusive’ features that you can use buying credits (for 5 cents each).

Video Upload Pro


Software available for 95 dollars only for Windows and without statistical tools. It allows managing videos supporting a discrete set of video sharing websites, from the most popular to the less ones.



Also ContentBuzz, like Video Upload Pro, is a downloadable software that costs 29.97 dollars.

The simultaneous video sharing is expandend from popular website to a lot of blogging and micro blogging platforms (more than 50). Among the other goodness it also allows to check traffic stats of your videos.

Video Counter


VideoCounter makes simultaneous video sharing very easy, with a click or trought the APIs, to the most popular websites. The most famous? Youtube, Tiscali o Dailymotion…and the full list can be checked here. It’s also possible to monitor video stats like here.

The price, a little bit expensive, vary form the editor choice.

Origninally posted in Italian by Matteo Aldamonte here.

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